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Khairat Baladna

Khairat Baladna

In order to serve the consumers of our country's precious goods and to ensure that we always maintain their confidence in us, we believe in the need to continue to develop our varieties by relying on research your needs and choose the best varieties and the application of the highest standards and international standards as well as adopting the latest methods and means of marketing methodical and academic to deliver our message to the consumers of our country's goods.

Our company imports the finest rice from several countries (India - Thailand - Italy)

Taking into account the best types of rice as characterized by this country.

At GRAND POWER, we are constantly understanding the importance of global presence and the ability to communicate commercially across the Arab countries. That is why we have embarked on mobilizing and enabling the soft drink trade and making it our responsibility.
Today, with many of our widely deployed centers, we are able to discover and create demand for a wide range of products, thereby offering our customers the opportunity to reach and grow within markets they did not consider.