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Petroleum products

Petroleum products

GRAND POWER aims to be one of the leading companies in the distribution of related petroleum products.
Therefore, we strive to provide all customers with innovative and reliable petroleum products, professionally and professionally, through friendly services, comfort and excellence.

We offer our customers lubricants from the best international companies, such as Lotos Motor Oils, Luk Oil, Rosneft, Golden power.

We always strive to meet all demands and needs with the best quality and most favorable prices.


Base oil

Grand power imports virgin base oils from Russia, Europe and Iran and exports them to all parts of the world.

Our brands are SN150, SN350, SN500 etc .... In addition to Bright Stock and shipped by Bramel or Flexi Tank.


At Grandpower, we work to meet the needs and needs of our customers by importing the finest European gasoline grades.
95 Gasoline unleaded.
We also periodically check the quality from the supply chain until the completion of the product access to the fuel tank by car.


Grandpower is committed to delivering fuel at the highest quality, and Grandpower periodically monitors quality throughout the supply chain until the product reaches your tank.